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Make your next trip one you can't stop talking about.

Luxury goes beyond a top hotel stay; It is access, enrichment and the absence of worry. We design custom itineraries for the discerning traveler. Be it a quick getaway, wellness retreat, culinary adventure, or bucket-list trip; we curate experiences beyond your expectations.

We listen. We create valued relationships with each client by gaining a deep understanding of your individual style and preferences and working to anticipate your needs. We bring special touches throughout your travels and provide access that you cannot get when you book on your own.

Our trusted network of top properties, insiders and experts around the globe allow us to tailor our services to each client, always keeping you top of mind.

Think of us as your in the know, well connected friend - We have access and expertise and we use it to open doors for you.

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Founder Elissa Goldman has decades of professional experience in travel, food and hospitality and has traveled the globe creating valued connections and finding one-of-a-kind encounters. Her background has made her a stickler for organization and details.

She started her travel career in Italy in a role which afforded her unique insight into the supplier side of travel. She spent 15 years in hospitality publicity, honing her skills at bringing clients’ visions to life with discerning focus.

She now works to build clients their ideal trips, bringing her years of global knowledge to make bespoke experiences that are memorable every step of the way.

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"Everything about this trip was terrific and our local guide commented on what a well planned itinerary we had. All was perfection...despite Covid!

We can't thank you enough, Elissa, for putting together this great experience and I look forward to happily planning trips with you in the future."

Ecuador & Galapagos - February 2022

New Zealand - December 2019

"We cannot thank you and your team enough for planning such a wonderful vacation! Everything was thoughtfully and meticulously planned and all of us had a wonderful time."

East Africa - June 2021

"Flawless! Thank you as always for your recommendations and guiding us through this incredible experience, it truly was the trip of a lifetime and we could not have asked for more."

Japan - april 2023

"The trip beyond exceeded our expectations. We got home, turned to one another and said we're never planning another trip without you!"

SE Asia - january 2024

Thank you! Wow, what an amazing trip! We had such a great time. Honestly, we just kept saying everyday, "This is our favorite day." And then the next day would come, and we'd say the same thing. It was just amazing.



Let’s get to know you. Submit your travel inquiry here or send us a note. We’ll review and reach out to schedule a consultation where we’ll get to know you and learn about your travel style, preferences and ideas for your trip. Once we’ve agreed we’re a good match, we’ll be on our way!

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Now it’s time to take all of that info and turn it into your perfect trip. We’ll design a detailed itinerary for you to review and provide feedback. You decide how hands on (or off) you want to be here. Depending on length and complexity of the trip, proposals will range from general recommendations to day-by-day details.



Once approved, we will confirm all details of your itinerary, including those perks and personal touches along the way. We will provide you with a PDF and mobile itinerary app that you can download to access all daily information, confirmations and contact info. Any updates or changes to your itinerary will be reflected
in the app.

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All that’s left to do is pack! While you’re away, we’ll be monitoring your trip to ensure a seamless experience so you can relax and enjoy.

Review our FAQs

I really like to plan, why should I work with someone?

Great question! We’re not just planning, we’re enhancing. 

Not all trips are created equal - we’ve made it our business to know what makes a great trip and we love to be collaborative, so you can be as involved in the process as you like without having to worry about the minutiae.

PLUS we have direct access to our hotel and ground partners to add in special amenities, perks and access that cannot be done elsewhere. Who doesn’t like VIP treatment?!

Lastly, we are your advocates. We are in your corner when it comes to just about everything, we are negotiating on your behalf and you will always be able to reach someone if an issue arises. 

can i book with points?

We get it, points are valuable and you should absolutely be able to utilize them. While we are not able to book with points, we do suggest using them for airfare and allowing us to book your accommodations so we can get you that upgraded experience.

Are your prices higher than what I can find online?

We want to bring you the best value possible - our quotes will be the same or lower than what you find online and include our preferred amenities. If you do see a lower rate than what we’ve quoted, send it over and we’ll work to match it.

Why is there a design fee, but hotel bookings are free?

Aside from the straightforwardness of a hotel booking, full disclosure - we earn a commission on hotel bookings, it’s built into the pricing. If you book online, without an advisor, the supplier keeps the commission.

The design fee accounts for our time, relationships, expertise and access before, during and after your trip. It also allows us to be impartial and recommend experiences and accommodations that are the best for you, not that will pay us the most.

Fees vary based on length, number of travelers and complexity of the trip.

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Do you require a minimum spend for trips?

We don’t have a minimum and appreciate that budgets can vary greatly depending on the type and length of the trip. That said, we work with clients to create custom luxury experiences (4 & 5 star properties, top guides, private experiences) where we can provide the most value. Before planning, we will have a conversation regarding budget to determine if we're the best fit for you.


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